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Oman Radhus x Oxana von Pleasentburg Female available. 

More info coming soon. 
1 year, spay, house trained, good basic obedience. 



SG Siri von den Blauen Bergen
DOB: 08/13/2012

VA XPPO dei Percission, SchH3

VA Honey vom Finkenschlag, SchH3

Really nice female with a lot of temperament, she is absolutely correct in the size, medium strong, with very good pigmentation. She has a strong head with really good proportions, the eyes should be a little bit more dark, she has a really good topline, She is correct in angulation and absolutely correct coming and going, she has a lot of temperament, she is always present she is always searching for you and so that the top line is always really good during the whole presentation.



VA Honey vom Finkenschlag, SchH3


Honey is retiring and available for a forever home. She's a one in a million, with super temperament, confidence and personality. Honey is spay and looking for a special forever home.



For Adoption 


You pay for Spay and she's yours.

2 Years old, sweet nature, personality like a Lab.

Crate trained, good with other dogs, walks on leash.


German import with pink papers.



Shipping calculated to areas within the continental USA

June 26, 2011

Chak is GREAT!!!. I came home at 2 AM on Saturday from Dallas and went straight to hospital and than Saturday and Sunday had was in hospital again taking care of patients , I did get you email about commands and I have a lot of questions, but dog is fantastic. I will be typing a detailed email tonight I am still at work, Chak is with me sitting in my office. I will also take pictures and if we can figure out a video upload we want to upload for you to see where she is and so. She ate grilled steak, and hamburger and tuna sandwich but is not very happy about Royal Canine special German Sheppard Brand name dry slightly moist when fresh dog food so we will have to work on that. Drinks water fine, goes to potti. Bonded with me during the 8 hour car trip completely, follows me everywhere.


Daniel, Angela, John Michael (V Chakira Januar, Schh3 - Training by Sonja Wolny)

Hello Kim (October 9, 2010)
     What an excellent girl she is! Everyday she amazes me more. Today was nail trimming day, and she stood like an angel.
     Her heeling was excellent today. Ten steps with complete attention. We're working on the "stand" command, and she's almost there. I don't think I'm going to start her with tracking since we only have another month before the weather turns to complete crap, and we have to quit for the Winter. We do have a helper coming to our club next weekend, and I'm thinking of bringing her to that.
     She shocked me the other day. I laid Gunther's track, had it sit for a half hour, then went out and tracked him. He doesn't use food on the track, just articles which he gets paid the "jackpot" on. After he was done I opened the door to let her out. I'll be darned if she didn't follow that track exactly, smelled hard where the article and jackpot was fed, and moved along down the track. I was floored. I figured yea, if I had laid the track with food, she'd have something to follow, but that clever little girl didn't need food at all. Such a smarty pants!
Peggy (Sita vom Vinahaus)
Update - Sita is preparing for her AD and SchH1 and has completed 2 legs of her AKC Obedience Title!

     Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.  I've been so busy with Lola and Trey, our toddler, that I have not had time to check my email.  They are both asleep right now so I finally have a little down time.  Lola is wonderful.  I hope she is as happy as we are.  She is really good with Trey but she probably thinks she is living with the devil.  He will learn though and I think they will become the best of friends.
     All in all I don't think we could have found a better dog than Lola.  She seems to be happy here.  I've taken her with me when I stroll Trey around the fields by our house and she really seems to love all the open space she has.  I have had her on a long leash and she likes to wander off as far as she can and check everything out! 
     Thanks for all your help,
Melissa (Lola z Eurosprotu)


Contact Kim Rall at 281-667-5945 or