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It is recommended by Rallhaus that the Buyer take the puppy to a Veterinarian of his/her choice and gives three days in which to do so. If, within those three days, a veterinarian finds the puppy to be unsound, unhealthy, or possessing a serious genetic defect, a statement in writing must be provided by that veterinarian documenting said condition for von Rallhaus’ veterinarian to review. Upon confirmation from Rallhaus’ vet of said condition, Buyer may return the puppy, registration and all of his/her effects to Rallhaus  and receive a full, immediate refund of the purchase price. All precautions have been made to insure that this puppy is in excellent health at the time of purchase including vaccinations at 8 weeks of age and a final health check has been made by Rallhaus' veterinarian and a health certificate is included in your new puppy packet. It is the Owner's responsibility to keep puppy's shots up do date.


Additionally, male dogs have been checked and verification has been made that both testicles have descended at the time of pickup. Accidents can happen with new puppy dogs, however, this contract does not cover testicle trauma after the puppy goes to his new home. This puppy is guaranteed until the age of one year against any serious genetic health problem, and also guaranteed to pass OFA hip / elbow certification through the age of 24 months (2 years).  If a puppy is thought to have a genetic defect regarding its hips or elbows, hip and/or elbow x-rays must be taken per OFA recommendations and submitted to The Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).


Puppy's microchip number must be recorded on the x-rays. Copies of OFA findings must be submitted to Rallhaus.Defects must be proven to be genetic and not caused by environmental factors or mishandling by the buyer. Any other serious genetic problem must to be diagnosed by the Buyers’ veterinarian and reports sent to Rallhaus. Rallhaus will present the veterinarian reports to our veterinarian for review to confirm whether the defect is genetic in nature.

If a Rallhaus puppy is graded as dysplastic by the OFA, buyer shall neuter/spay the dog and the Rallhas will offer a replacement puppy at half price. Buyer is responsible for transportation costs on any replacement puppy.


Breeding the dog or bitch voids any guarantee.


The Buyer agrees that this puppy will not be raised on slippery surfaces, or allowed to bound up and downstairs, rough-house with larger dogs, jump down from heights or out of cars, etc, as this type of activitycontributes to the breakdown of joints and growing bones, dislocation of shoulders, hips and damagedelbows. The Buyer further agrees that the puppy’s weight will be under strict supervision until the dogreaches his/her second birthday.


It is far better to have the dog slightly underweight then overweight, because excess weight contributes to structural breakdown of the dog. Buyer also agrees nothing will be given to the dog that would encourage rapid growth including steroids. A high quality, low protein adult formula dog food is recommended.