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Rallhaus German Shepherds

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Houston Hundesport
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Houston Hundesport Schutzhund Practice
Sunday March 27, 2015
14117 Santo Park Rd
Dickinson, TX 77539

Please bring your dog's favorite toys and treats, leashes, collars, harnesses, a notebook, lawn chairs and notebooks to keep track of your progress.

The field is mowed and weather forecast is calling for a glorious day.




Show Results:
Baby Puppy Female - Long Coat
Hazel zumb kolbenguss VP1

Baby Puppy Female...

Evy vonder RNR Ranch VP1
Ninia vom Zellaldrand No Show

Junior Puppy Female
Fiona von der Oher Tannen VP1
Daenerys von der RNR Ranch VP2
Kaira vom Rikah-Haus VP3

Junior Puppy Male
Quinn vom Rikah-haus VP1
Nikolaus vom Nobleheim VP2
LAGSD4LIFE Blitz vom Acelin VP3
Onyx vom Kirschental No Show

Senior Puppy Male - Long Coat
Kokopelli's Lit'l Doc Yevich VP1

Senior Puppy Female
Tekka Vome Kimberlin-Dey Haus VP1
Joy Rallhaus VP2
Tisa vom Kimerline-Dey Haus VP3
Ella vom Volkommen III VP4
Hessie vom Nobleheim VP5
Frank von Team Gunbil VP6
Adalwolfa vom Longoriahaus P1
Nessa van den Heuvel - No Show

Senior PuppyMale
Elko von Vollkommen VP1

Youth Female - Long Coat
Siri von den Blauen Bergen SG1

Youth Male - Long Coat
Fonzie vom Nobleheim SG1

Youth Female
Estrada vom Nobleheim SG1
Uschi von den Oher Tannen SG2
Reischa zet Eurosportu SG3

Youth Male
Drago von Allen SG1
Elvis von Nobelheim SG2
Raider zet Eurosportu SG3

Young Adult Female
Olly di Zenevredo SG1
Felicity vom Nagler See SG2
Kenzie vom Tal der Schatten SG3
Karley vom Tal der Schatten SG4

Young Adult Male
Janni vom Gagerbrunnen SG1
Vill vom Haus Gunbil Rochelle SG2

Adult/Open Male - Long Coat
Barex von der RNR Ranch SG1

Atult/Open Female
Dream von Tal der Schatten SG1
Piper vom Nobelheim SG2
Fibi von Arlett - No Show

Adult/Open Male
GinaGardens Bravo SG1
Dallas vom Tal der Schatten SG2
Bajko vom Kleiner Haflen II SG3

Veteran Female
Biggy von Gross-Zunder 1
Cayla z Eursportu 2

Veteran Male
Kupfer Dylan 1
Samer z Krumiskeho hase 2

Working Class Female
Tessa von Gronachtal V1
Katra vom Deutschen Eck V2
Hexe vom Kinberlin-Dey Haus V3
Quenna vom Uhlenisk V4
Ursey vom Nobleheim V5
Helga vom Kimberlin-Dey Haus V6
Mimi vom Holtkamper Hof V7
Vanessa z Eurosportu V8
Hanah Viely Orgovan V9

Working Male
Whisky von der Wasserkuppe V1
Pato di Zenevredo V2
Dantor vom Tal der Schatten V3
Italo zet Eurosportu V4
Vegas Feetback - No Show.







Bayou City Schutzhund Club IPO Trial
Nov 8 - BH
Nov 9 - Tracking, Obedience and Protection
SVF Judge Wendell Nope
Crosby Park, 409 Hare Rd., Crosby TX 77532
Contact Email:

2013-2014 Elected Club Officials
Kim Rall - President
James Westerfield - Vice President
Angela Otto - Secretary
Lana Westerfield - Treasurer
A big thank you for stepping up!

June 1, 2013 6:30pm
Practice AND club elections AND social hour.
Attendance is strongly suggested.
Bring something to eat or drink for BBQ style potluck.

14117 Santo Park Rd. Dickinson, TX 77439

Open Practice June 8
Houston Hundesport will hold an open practice (membership not required).
Bring up to 2 dogs - a crate for each and proof of up to date vaccinations.
Helper lessons with Mark Pellon - $20 per dog.

June 5 thru 9
National Level Helper Mark Pellon
Mark will be here and has offered to set up private lessons 50 minutes only $40.
Do you want to improve Obedience, Protection, or your Helper Skills?
Set up your lesson(s) with Mark!
Send email to

Helper Seminar with Dave Kroyer
April 20-21 8:30
Renaissance Kennels
32950 Old Hempstead Rd, Magnolia, TX 77355
$150 for working spot
$50 for audit only spot
This event was a huge success! Over 20 signed up for working spots and we had dogs enough to keep up with demand.

Bayou City Schutzhund Club - Affiliation Trial
April 27 9:30
Crosby Park, Crosby TX
419 Hare Rd, Crosby, TX 77532
Come and join us for our affiliation trial. This is open to all breeds. We will be offering BH, and IPO 1-3.

Is a social club providing an inclusive and safe environment for training of dogs in SV style dog sport including;
Tracking, Obedience, Protection, Agility and Conformaiton Showing.
We are an affiliate club of GSDCA-WDA and strictly follow all regulations.
All registrations must be complete by January 28, 2013
Copies of required documents must be submitted for a registrations to be considered complete.
Link to Affiliation Show Entry Form is located at lower right of of this page.
Original documents to be presented at the event.
Proof of current vaccinations is required.


Contact Us - please fill the following or send an email to


Important Information:


We will treat each other with respect on and off the field. We are a club that works together......our common goal is to help each other train dogs...


You are responsible for your own dog. Be mindful of it at all times. If your dog bites another dog or someone, you will be paying the expenses.


All dogs must have proof of vaccinations before being allowed to enter the training field. Please keep your dog in your car until you have been given permission.

Always bring 1 crate per dog. Dogs are required to be crated during certain portions of our practices.