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July 18, 2010
Sondra is everything that she was advertised to be. Very nice puppy! She is a little silly about some "inside" things, but I'm just letting her explore. She "checks in" often for a pet and then goes exploring again. She is a happy inquisitive girl and her eye contact is so sweet.







Kori Rallhaus

SG GinaGardens Bravo. BH
SG Jyota Rallhaus

DOB: August 25, 2013

Kori has beautiful rich color, excellent drives for easy training and when she stops for a minute, enjoys attention. She's being taught basic obedience and learning very quickly. Kori is super confident, she loves people and has no issues with other dogs.




Glory Rallhaus


Nord II Suche Lazce


Jyota Rallhaus

DOB: March 2, 2012


Glory is a powerhouse of a pup. She has endless energy and enjoys life to the fullest. She has plenty of natural protection skills and could make a wonderful Schutzhund prospect.


She is in training for basic obedience and life skills right now and will be ready for her new home soon.












Hi Taunya and Kim,

I just wanted to let you know that Sabrina is doing very well at adjusting. I have not had much sleep in 3 nights I think in part to the jet lag and her being on a different time zone... LOL

She and I have already started to develp a good bond. She does not like it when I am out of her sight, so last night, I slept on the couch...LOL. She is very affectionate and just a lover, but also enjoys her play tme. She and Tank (Galant's son with Prada) get along nicely, although I don't let her loose with any of the dogs right now as I want her to adjust with as little of stress as possible, but when Tank is in his crate in the house, she always wants to go to him and they share kisses through the wire...very sweet. He is mad over her...:) She is also in heat....been spotting since Wed. so even more the reason why I am keeping her all to myself...:) She has the freedom of our home as I don't want her outside except on leash since she is in heat....and she is loving it...She is eating good and we are starting to learn how to communicate with each other....I don't know Slovak...but I got the commands off of your website, watched the videos....but honey, with my thick Texas accent she looks at me like i am we are working on German/ English commands...she is a quick learner...She is everything I had hoped. She is gorgeous, has a beautiful personality and I love her, again, I thank both you and Josef for allowing me to buy me an Ozzy baby!!! I know we are going to have a wonderful journey together. I will keep you updated on her and her progress. I am in over the moon.

Take care and Best Regards,
Terry (Sabrina Eurosprotu) Sep 1, 2010

May, 29, 2010

Dear Kim,


I could not be happier with Drago Jr.  He is absolutely PERFECT!  The vet and his assistants LOVED him.  His temper is calm, but, as with any pup, full of energy!  I can barely keep up.  Josef and Taunya Mravik did a WONDERFUL job training him.  He is SOOO well behaved! I can't believe it sometimes.


I would like to personally thank you for all of your help.  You were absolutely fantastic and I appreciate all the advice you have given me, helping me feel more comfortable during the purchasing process.  In a world of fake web sites and thieves and scoundrels, you surely made this online purchase as easy as possible.  From beginning to end, you were there to help me and, for that, I could never thank you enough.


I have attached a picture or two for you to see how BEAUTIFUL he is.  I will try to send you more as he gets older and will definitely keep in touch.


Thank you once again,

Christian H.


Hello from the Foster Family,
We  picked up Pedro last evening at the airport and he took to us instantly. Its not often that you can find a puppy of 4 months of age that comes to a new enviroment and comes right out of the crate licking eveyone and ready to play.  All I can say is WOW he is awesome, very thick and large boned pup. He is everything you could ask for in a puppy. He has no fear of anything and just loves to be with people and other animals. Pedro's sound nerves and ballanced structure are hard to find in a puppy. He is such a happy boy and very eager to please you. We will keep you updated on his progress and send pictures of him. Thank you again for such a wonderful puppy.
The Foster Family.
Pedro with our youngest son

     Thunder is doing great!  He is so confident.  And for a puppy, he is already so well behaved.  Thunder went with myself and our two boys to the Pima Air and Space Museum on Saturday (pictures attached).  I received many comments on how well behaved he was.  He seems very smart and is figuring things out very quickly.
     Thanks again for answering all our questions and helping with the decision to get Thunder.  And once that decision was made thanks for getting him to us so quickly!  After deciding to add Thunder to our household on Wednesday, it was wonderful to actually receive him that very Friday.  He had no hesitation coming out of the crate and right to us when we picked him up at the airport. He is so confident and smart and has an incredible personality.  He is everything we hoped for.  Thanks again!

Scott Lockaby