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Houston Hundesport
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Loki Rallhaus
Nurma Dlah Roven x Nord II Suche Lazce
Born December 12, 2012


Loki came back to us thru a divorce situation. He is house trained and neutered. His obedience is very good now. He walks on leash nicely, has excellent sit and down stay under distraction, doesn't chase other animals and leaves cats alone.
Loki is clear headed and smart and will make an excellent companion.

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SG4 Bourbon Frany Greis ZVV1, IPO 1


V BSZS Zidane vom Kammberg, SchH3


SG Megie z Noveho Draka ZVV2,  ZZO, ZPS1, Fpr2, IPO3, SpR1, SpR2, ZMT.


DOB: September 9, 2010

HD 0/0, ED 0/0

The dog is absolutely healthy and fit, he has no problems especially not in work. He can make IPO3 without problems. He is used to be in the house or in the garden. He has no problems with various surfaces, dark rooms, cellars, noise and traffic in the city. He has perfect character, he is balanced, interested and suitable for every work, perfect play ball, perfect protection and track work, lively, temperament. He is not aggressive, he is friendly to people, he can be with children. He is suitable for work, to police but also as a representative home-guard. He is a breeding male, has mated 9 females and he gives really beautiful, temperament and healthy puppies. He mated very well, is very fertile and all females, which was mated, was pregnant and had numerous litters. He has also perfect pedigree, DNA in Germany.
Excellent for breeding program.


5,500 euro + transportation from CZ



"I was looking for a GSD that was solid with all the traits of the original GSD. I found a puppy on line at Rallhaus and emailed Kim. She said the pup I liked did not have a high drive. I have been working dogs for over 30 years, after speaking to Kim I knew that she was a true professional. We talked for a few weeks and after quite a bit of research, I decided on Ruff, a titled two year old male located in Slovakia. Living in Alaska shipping can be tricky. Kim got Ruff to Texas while I was in Germany teaching a K9 class. When I got back Ruff was ready to come "home". We spoke every day and when I got Ruff he came right out of the crate and jumped up to lick my face. Ruff is higher quality than Kim could even explain. After this experience with Kim I will never go anywhere else for a GSD. Rallhaus is above and beyond, and as a bonus I have a new friend in Kim. Ruff will be a working dog and has every trait I wanted. Thank You Kim!! PS. Ruff loves the snow!"

Milica Kokot Nichols of Anchorage, AK on November 12, 2011









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November 15, 2010

Kim, I’m not sure that you realize just has much your kindness and now friendship has meant to me.In the haze and shock of losing my heart dog, you stepped in and offered help.You spent countless hours sharing your knowledge and addressing my concerns.You truly listened to what I needed and did not gloss over a single detail. I know I was not the easiest client to work with.
Your folder for me is probably labeled PITA.I had very specific criteria and high expectations.You knew I would settle for nothing less than the best, and you did not stop searching until you found it.You protected my interests and guided my heart.
WOW, WOW, WOW!That is all I could think when Louis trotted out of his crate and into my life.Did I really just receive exactlywhat I was searching for and more?!He is stunning, his temperament is impeccable; his health and genetics are proven sound--in the dog world that is worth more than his weight in gold.
My new journey with Louis has begun.I will be grateful to you every step of the way.Thank you so much Kim, for being my guiding light!You are a true professional and friend!
Jessica Harrison & Louis vom Gross-Zunder

UPDATE:   April 2, 2011 - Louis is in Germany for training and has placed SG2 at a regional show - congratulations Jessica!

We picked him up at the airport- everything went smoothly!  He was very warm and sweet- we followed your tips and fed him the cheese and his food by hand, gave him some water- walked him around grass so he could stretch his legs and go to the bathroom. He's wonderful...  We are driving home now and will take him for a walk.  We'll keep you posted!!
Thank you for all of your help!  Thank you for Paxton.
Warmest regards,
Roy Winston (Paxton Z Eurosportu) 
UPDATE:   Paxton is standing at stud in New York....He 's an excellent male!.

Contact Kim Rall at 281-667-5945 or