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Rallhaus German Shepherds

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Houston Hundesport
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Now accepting deposits!

$1500, $500 deposit to hold your puppy! 

Blue Collar Male

long coat



Jesse in Livingston TX

Green Collar Male 

show coat



Leisha in Tomball, TX

Pink Collar Female

show coat



Bob in Houston, TX

 Purple Collar Male

long coat

Name pending


David in Houston, TX

 Red Collar Male

long coat



Bohdan in Plano, TX

 Red Spot Collar Male

stock coat



Nora in Romulus, MI

VA Garp z Lintichu SVV2 x SG Nurma Dlha Roven SVV1
Puppies born October 10, 2011
December 10, 2011
Durga Rallhaus @ 8.5 weeks - SOLD
This little girl has been my pick puppy from very early on. She has wonderful drives, is confident and happy. She will not start a fight but won't run away from one either. She's a busy bee, but still enjoys our attention. Durga is very smart and with the correct training could have a bright future in almost any dogsport you choose.
November 29, 2011 ....   New photos.....
  Green Collar Boy - SOLD
This is the independent pup of the litter, can be a bit dominate. He enjoys playing tug o war.
He has good drive and will be good for a sport puppy or anything else you'd want to do with him.
Pink Collar Female - SOLD
Excellent balanced drives, loves attention, won't start a fight but will stand up for herself.
Purple Collar Boy - SOLD
The smallest, and the most loving and with plenty of confidence and drive.
Blue Collar Boy (Dutch) - SOLD
Sweet pup who craves loving attention.
Red Collar Boy - SOLD
Big solid boy, plenty of drive, balanced temperament enjoys attention.
Red Spot Collar Male - SOLD
Lots of drive, loves to chase a broom, not as independent as the others.
November 6, 2011
Nurma's puppies are already 4 weeks - where does the time go?
The puppies have been wormed once and are being weaned to puppy slop...
They're eyes are open and they are becoming more and more mibile every day.
The girl and the small boy are already chasing a ball and its so much fun to watch!
Durga and purple collar boy                                                                Durga                 
                      Durga                                                                     Dutch                                    
Durga                                                                     Durga
Nurma and her puppies
 Stampede of puppies..........
October 28, 2011
These puppies are fat and healthy, the average weight at 20 days is 4lbs
their eyes are open and they're getting up on all four's.
6 in the litter 3 male stock coat, 2 male long coat and 1 female stock coat.
October 15, 2010 - just a few days old.
October 10, 2011 - Puppies are born.......5 males 1 female and all perfect! Mama and puppies are fine.
Nurma is a very attentive mother and when she takes a moment away, she stocks up on food and water..... the milk bar is flowing.
 October 10, 2011 - Puppies have arrived.
September 6, 2011 - Nurma is confirmed pregnant via ultrasound - now taking deposits.
August 25, 2011 - Garp x Nurma breeding certificate arrived from Slovakia
August 19, 2011 - Nurma arrived from Slovakia in tip to shape and very happy to get out of her crate.
August 12 and 14, 2011 - Garp and Nurma were bred litter is due mid October and puppies ready for their new homes by
Mid December 2011 - Christmas Puppies!
 $500 deposit saves a puppy for you.



These are photos from the first breeding in between Nurma and Garp....

These extra special puppies are from the first litter...... Nurma and Garp make great puppies. They have extra heavy bone, excellent structure and temperament, nice dark pigmentation and good drives. These puppies are smart, easily trained and have a will to please. They are confident and could become the next generation of superstars.


Females at 6 months.....








Loki at 6.5 mths.

He is really coming into himself. Loki on the other hand is more observant, takes a correction but still wants to do it his way... He is very social with people and other animals but can be very confident in his demeanor. He just a very solid tempered dog.


Loki at 6 months






The males at 5 months




Photos at 4.5 months.....



Videos from June 15, 2011




Puppy photos at 12 weeks....



Puppy photos at 8 weeks


5,5 - 5.. in VA1 (CH) Hoss vom Lärchenhain


Some champions in their pedigree include....

2x VA1 (SK) Canses vom Suentelstein

2x VA1 Yasko vom Farbenspiel

VA6 (OST) Rita vom Leithawald

VA1 (CHN) Nicos vom Leichawald

VA4 Ibo vom Koltkamper See

VA1 Ursus von Batu

VA12 Fygi vom Alexyrvo Hof
VA1 Yello vom St.Michaels-Berg
VA6 Dux dela Valcuvia

2x VA (SK) Garp z Lintichu SVV2, ZVV1, Kkl1
A hips and A elbows ZW 79
When Garp enters the show ring everyone stops and if no other dogs have ever existed before. He struts in with complete confidence and knowing full well he will be the top placed dog. His show record proves he's a winner.
Some of his accomplishments under SV judges include:
VD1 HŠV SK 2008 Námestovo  Mladých Heinz Scheerer - SV
VA1 HŠV SK 2010 Dudince Pracovní  Jürgen Hoffmann SV
VA1 HŠV SK 2009 Dudince Pracovní Lutz Wischalla - SV
VA1 in the 2009 World Dog Show in Bratislava, SK
His breed survey is the best .....1. tř. chovnosti 5JX5/44
On the Schutzhund field, Garp tears it up! He has deep full grips and plenty of courage to do the job.
Garp has sired many pups including more then his share of champions! He brings bone, color, temeprament and correct structure to his progeny. He also brings drive and full deep grips.
At home, Garp is a great friend, loyal protector and the best companion that anyone could ever want. He's a once in a life time dog. Garp a friendly dog who will come up to strangers and expect to be petted, yet if he sences that things aren't right, he's ready to protect his master.
Garp's littermate sister, Garrya z Lintichu, placing VA1 in the 2009 World Dog Show in Bratislava, SK.
What are the odds that a borther and sister can come come in first and second in the World Dog Show!


SG Nurma Dlha Roven SVV1

A hips and A elbows

Nurma is a beautiful girl with a steady temperament and great nerves. She is very social and is a "go everywhere" type of dog. She is spunky, her structure and temperament embodies everything that the German Shepherd Stands for.
Click on her photo for more......
The hip and elbow history from this mating is as good as it gets.
3 generation all are a(1) normal, except for a single a(2) located 3 generations back!
2X VA1 (SK) Garp z Lintichu
HPK 55306
HD normal, ED fast normal


2x VA1 (SK) Canses vom Suentelstein
SZ 2161577
HD normal, ED normal

Big, powerful, expressive head, high withers, firm back, good position and length of croup, good front, very good rear angulation, good chest proportions, straight front, straight steps konèatín, hearty courses.

2x VA1(CHN) V Nicos vom Leithawald
SZ 2117768
HD a-fast normal, ED normal

Large, medium strong, expressive type and, in very good working relationship with them, and dry. High withers, very good top and underline, very good length and situation of the croup, straight front. Correct angulations, straight sequence of steps, powerful, ground covering gait. Being safe, TSB pronounced; from leaves.

V19 (BSZS) Rimini Suentelstein
SZ 2112649
HD normal, ED normal

Very attentive, large, medium strong, well proportioned built, dry, solid dog with very good expression. High withers, good line, good length and position of croup. Correct angulation, balanced chest proportions, straight front. Correct sequence of steps, very spacious, fluid and powerful passages. Secure temperament, TSB pronounced;.


V Galia Almett
CKMU 44624
HD normal




V Miko vom Alexyrvo Hof
SZ 2065270
HD normal

Very more expressionful, force and more contentful, more largely, more dryly, more firmly, in very good relationship of developed Male with very good Structure. High Withers, good line, good length and situation of the croup. Very well bent pre and rear spar and, balanced chest conditions, straight front. Straight line-stepping it shows very liquid courses with strong supply and free precedence. Safe nature, TSB pronounced; discharges.

Father is Ursus von Batu

V Roxy z Lintichu CS
CKMU DS/4273-01/99/0
HD normal

V (SK) Nurma Dlha roven
SUCH 57441
HD normal, ED normal

5JX5/44 P

V Sapeur vom Gollerweiher
SZ 2175398
HD normal, ED normal

VA1(N) VA4 (BSZS) Ilbo vom Holtkämper See
SZ 2133722
HD normal, ED normal

Large, powerful and rich. In a good relationship developed male with good pigmentation. A powerful, expressive head with pronounced mask. High withers, straight, firm back, good length and position of croup. Very good angle positions of the front and rear. Balanced chest proportions, correct front. Straight sequence of steps, liquid, far-reaching programs, effective supply, free priority. Secure temperament, TSB pronounced;.


V Moonlight vom Gollerweiher
SZ 2094224
HD normal

Big, strong, very good expression. High withers, firm back, good croup, good angulation of the front, very good angulations of the hindquarters, correct chest proportions, powerful, spacious corridors. TSB pronounced;.

V Olympia Dlha Roven

SUCH 44780/03/05
HD normal



5JX5/44 N

V Ory vom Haus Erlebach

SZ: 2075031
HD normal

V (SK) Cindy Dlha Roven
SUCH 38644
HD normal



5JI5/45 N