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Requirement for ZVV and SVV titles...... 


Here is my attempt at translating the ZVV/SVV title. If the reader finds fault, please let me know. My skill with the Slovak language is limited..!!!



1. 300 yards long- 2 corners, 2 articles. The owner lays the track. Articles can be wood, rubber, leather or fabric.

2. 1 article in the middle of the first leg and 2nd article on end of track.

3. 30 minutes old and you have 15 minutes to finish.


1. The first exercise recal. when you come on the field is to turn the dog loose and continue to walk down the field. The dog must go away from you and when you are half way down the field you call the dog to HEEL position and continue to walk. The dog must come to heel position and continue with you. A big difference with ZVV/SVV obedience and SCH or IPO is the judge instructs you on when and where to do the exercises.

2. Heeling with turns and about turns are dictated by the judge so you never know where or when you will turn.

3. Sit, down, stand

4. Bark on command next to handler.

5. Then down in motion.

6. Retrieve on the flat.

7. Jump the jump without the dumbbell.

8. Dog walk

9. Long down

10. reaction to the gun.



This test can be in a stadium or forest !

1. Revir ---Search an area about the size of a soccer field with 4 search areas indicated. Can be 4 blinds or trees.

2. Hold and bark -- When the helper is found, the dog should hold and bark. If he bites, it is only a small fault.

3. Search and interview the helper Handler goes to the blind and heels the dog off. Handler calls the helper out of the blind and helper goes between 3 and 5 yards away and stops. The handler tells him "hands up" dog down and go to search the helper. This part is a little different because the handler must look for an actual weapon.

4. Meet the helper ---Then, walking in heel position you see a bad guy coming to you and you tell him to stop and start having a confrontation with him. The dog must sit and stay calm until the helper attacks. The helper attacks straight into the handler and dog. The helper must act like he has been bitten in real life. He must yell and try to get away simulating a real situation. When the handler commands the helper to stop, the dog must out.

5. Escape bite is 100 yards. The dog must out.

6. Courage test 20 yards. Helper runs straight into the dog with full aggression. Out is optional here.


100 points per each discipline

300 total



Here is my attempt at translating the ZVV/SVV titles. If the reader finds fault, please let me know. My skill with the Slovak language is limited..!!!


1. 500 yards 2 corners, 2 articles

2. 1 hour old


1.     Recall- the handler releases the dog and continues walking and then when the judge instructs, the handler calls the dog to heel position.

2.     Heeling off leash- no pattern. The judge tells you what he wants to see and when. Fast, slow,right turns, left turns. about turns and pivoting 360 degrees while standing still and the dog
must move around 4 times with the handler and sit each time the handler stops.

3.     Sit, down and stand are performed in FRONT of the handler.

4.     Bark at command - the dog must bark each time the handler gives the signal in a standing position. He can not move.

5.     stand in motion

6.     Dog walk - is 6 feet tall and it is see through. The dog must walk carefully on each board to avoid falling and he must do this in heel position and sit automatically when he reaches the
end of the ladder.

7.     Retrieve over the jump

8.     Crawling -10 yards. The handler crawls with the dog. This is a part of the training for War dogs and they decided to keep this section of the title.

9.     Long down

10.  Reaction to the gun.


1.     10 search areas are required. It can be trees or blinds. In Schutzhund only 6 blinds are required.

2.     Hold and bark once the dog finds the helper.

3.     Search, attack. out Heel out of the blind- no touching
Helper steps out and goes between 3 and 5 yards away from Handler
Handler downs the dog and helper put hands up on your command and throws away his visible weapon.
Handler searches helper. While handler is searching the helper, the helper attacks the handler not the dog. Dog must attack helper with full speed and out on command.
Search # 2- Handler again searches the helper with dog on guard. Handler steps away from helper and asks question to find out why he is there.

4.     Back transport to the judge. The judge then asks the helper if he was able to conceal a weapon with out the handler finding it. If the helper was successful, the search section is failed.

5.     Run away is 100 yards. The helper must try to actually out run the dog and get away.
Out on command or automatic.

6.     Courage test- 50 yards. The helper runs straight into the dog and attacks him. He is not running away when the dog engages.